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To The Latest Technology Of Aerial Cinematography & Photography

Construction, Building, Properties

Construction, Building, Properties

High rise building? No problem at all, we can deliver a high quality photo and video from any angle for your properties. Visit our construction photo gallery.

UAV Mapping, Orthophoto

Aerial Mapping Services

Latest invention on aerial services. We offer high quality of images that we compile together each other and create ultra high definition on your land site. Click HERE for more details.


LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light. Do contact us now for more information.

Film & Drama

Aerial Filming

Another improvement to your film or drama when you try something new. A high angle camera will give other attraction for movies lovers to watch your film or dramas.

Company Profile

Aerial Company Report

Gain your client, customers and name. Create a very high level company profile using aerial technology to build strong relation with your clients. And expand your business beyond your expectation.

Land Survey

Aerial Land Survey

Land survey or monitoring never been easy in case there is a lot of area need to be covered. With us, this will expedite your work to do the survey and monitoring purposes. This will inclusive survey before development, boundary monitoring, regional division and many more. Contact us for details.


On ground or waters? Difficult angle that hard for normal camera to go. We can easily reach anywhere to captured the moments.

Outdoor Activities

Aerial Photography Outdoor Activity

Give us to record your valued moments on outdoor activities captured on different angle and level of creativity.

Plans and Pricing

Please contact us for more information or feel free to visit our Photo Gallery.