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Tree Counting Services

Palm Oil Plantation Survey Using UAV Drones.

The fastest available survey solution for your plantation using Drones UAV.

There are several benefits using UAV Drones services for oil palm application :

  • Tree Counting process. Now you can managed what is the total of the trees in your plantation for planning, cost and profits projection, road maintenance or re-designing and many more in years to come.
  • Inventory of all plantations asset such as agriculture roads, total palm tree, culvert, ramp, office and etc.
  • Border Monitoring
  • Monitoring land work status at site for ‘Replanting Program’
  • Monitoring encroachment area
  • Analysis of planted/un-planted area, road density, pest and diseases (visualization) and etc.

Wherever your plantation is, we can give total solution for you. Contact us today to know more.